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LG Aristo Google Bypass The Steps You Need to Follow
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Do you remember when everyone seemed to jailbreak their iPhones? Well, there’s a similar craze for Androids. The LG Aristo Google Bypass is the perfect way for LG Aristo users to access their device’s fullest potential.

But why should you bypass Google? Is it really worth losing that sense of security and protection? Maybe, or maybe not.

You have to decide if you want Google’s extra security and protection or if you’d prefer the extra settings and features. After all, both have advantages and disadvantages.

If you do decide to bypass Google, here are the steps you need to do it!

LG Aristo Google Bypass Steps

Google provides a lot of security options to Android users, and one of these options is with Factory Reset Protection (FRP). That means no one can access your information other than you.

With FRP, if someone else resets your device, it will ask the credentials to your Google account. But you may want to avoid that locking feature.

You can use various apps to remove the FRP lock, but you can also do it yourself. Though the steps can be a bit tricky.

Luckily, the LG Aristo Google Bypass steps start off pretty easy.

Getting started


As you start to initiate the LG Aristo Google Bypass process, you’ll need, of course, an LG Aristo. Of course, these steps may work on other devices. However, these steps are for the LG Aristo.

Once you have your LG Aristo, the first step is to turn on your Wi-Fi connection. Next, you’ll want to turn on “TalkBack.”

To do this, head to your settings and click Accessibility followed by vision and TalkBack. That should activate the “TalkBack Tutorial” screen.

Here, you’ll draw an “L” on your screen to activate the Global Context Menu. Then, tap “TalkBack Settings.” Next, long-press the volume up and down keys at the same time.

You should see a popup with the option to “Suspend TalkBack,” and you’ll want to click that. Now, head back to “TalkBack Settings” and click on “help & feedback.”

The next step will be to “Get started with voice access” and to watch a video that will show on your screen. When you see a “Welcome to Chrome” message, accept the message, but don’t add a Google account.

Here is where you can download an LG Aristo Google Bypass tool, like those from Tech Eligible or iMyFone.

Accessing the bypass settings

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Once you download the LG Aristo Google Bypass tool, you’ll want to install a “Quick Shortcut Maker” and open it with the “Package Installer” option if you have that.

Now, it’s time to reactivate “TalkBack.” To do this, follow the same steps you used to deactivate it. Next, you should restart the device.

You’ll have to follow the tutorial again, but then you’ll want to turn “TalkBack” off again. After that, you should be able to access the full LG Aristo Google Bypass settings.

Here you need to go to security and enable “Unknown sources.” Follow that up by deactivating the phone administrator. You’ll also want to disable “Google Play Services” as well as “Google Account Manager.”

Install the LG Aristo Google Bypass tool

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Return to the main settings menu and head to your download folder. Now, you’ll want to find the Quick Shortcut Maker and open it.

Next, click on “Application” in the top bar, and type in “Google Play Store.” It will tell you to add an account, and you can add any valid Gmail account.

Then, find all of the apps you disabled and reenable them. Now, you can restart the Aristo and complete the initial setup.

Finally, all you need to do is back up and reset your device.


You just finished the steps to complete an LG Aristo Google Bypass. While the FRP offers many protections, now you can use your devices in ways the FRP wouldn’t let you.

So if you have an LG Aristo and want to bypass the FRP, go forth.

Have you followed the LG Aristo Google Bypass steps? Comment below and share how it went for you. And if you haven’t done so, will you follow the LG Aristo Google Bypass steps? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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